Check In Cards
Check In Cards
Check In Cards

Check In Cards

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Our 'Check In' cards are the perfect way to reach out to someone who you think may be having a difficult time. 

Leaving a card on someone's desk is a tangible demonstration of your concern, that an email or text message cannot show.

They convey a meaningful and genuine intent to reach out, check in and connect.

They have been created to help everyone confidently check in with someone in a way that is non confrontational and also creates accountability in following up with a simple activity together.

They are a classic design with luxurious details perfect for leaving a simple, yet special note for someone.


Additional Information


  • A7 size (105 x 75mm)
  • 360 GSM cardstock
  • Textured finish
  • Blind embossed details


How to use this card


Our 'check in' cards work similarly to a business card in that they can be handed to, or left on the desk of someone you might be worried about or want to check in with.

The cards prompt you to circle an activity or write your own to create an opportunity to meet and chat at a later time.

They help to break down barriers and create accountability in really checking in with someone.


Bulk Orders 


If you are interested in buying larger quantities of these cards for scaled corporate use, please contact Georgia at We will be more than happy to organise your desired quantity.