If our cards make someone feel loved, validated, acknowledged, more understood and less alone - even for a moment - then we have done our job. Little Thoughts Co. is all about taking the difficulty and uncertainty out of showing someone that you're thinking of them in a meaningful and potent way. It's about validation, connection, empathy and humanity.



Finding the right words to comfort someone isn't always easy. It can be even harder if you can't quite understand what they're going through. And sometimes you want to say a little more than 'I'm thinking of you.'

It took me months, if not years, to piece together the nuances of what was and wasn't helpful for someone dealing with mental illness. My husband, Jared, has suffered from depression for many years and as his main support, I had to quickly navigate the right ways to support and encourage, but more importantly, validate what he was feeling.

Over the course of that time, talking to friends about life disappointments, break ups, losing jobs, divorces, illness, miscarriages and even deaths, I quickly realised that all these events eventually came to the same point as those suffering from mental illness. People don't always want advice, to hear some positive words or to be given a dose of perspective. Usually they just want someone to tell them it's okay to feel how they feel and that their pain is normal. They don't want people to problem solve and fix the situation, they just want to know that someone will be there with them whilst they go through this dark period.

It's this uncertainty of what to say to comfort someone that leads to silence. And silence only feeds the problem. Anyone going through a difficult time will inevitably feel alone and perhaps misunderstood. 

Little Thoughts Co. is dedicated to creating the words that will comfort someone when they need it. So when you want to show someone you're thinking of them, our cards and thoughts will provide the right acknowledgment and create an opportunity for you to be there for your friends and loved ones when they need it most.  



I'm Georgia, the one behind Little Thoughts Co. I have a background in writing and until recently was a high school English teacher. I believe empathy is the most important thing in this world and I thrive on building meaningful relationships with others. I am most proud of when I can be a generous and loyal daughter, sister, wife and friend - very little else matters to me. Except my dog; he is one of my favourite people. I strive to be a person of authenticity and integrity and wish I could correct the injustices of others. If I could take away the suffering of others I would - or at the very least, make them feel less alone and that they will be okay. 
When I'm not worrying about all these things, I'm most likely with my husband, Jared, and my dog, Jerry, relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.