Brené Brown on vulnerability

I don't usually watch TED Talks. I don't have anything against them, it just isn't the way I choose to pass my time and my interest isn't always piqued by their content or messages.

So I am not sharing this because it is a TED Talk. I'm sharing it because it's Brené Brown, and she is someone who I think is worthy of watching and listening to.

Brené Brown is a researcher in the field of Social Work, and focuses her study on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. I love her work because it's thoughtful, accessible and direct. She is a realist and views the world in a refreshingly honest way - and I think that's important when you're covering the areas of the human experience that she is.

Take the time to watch this talk. She discusses the relationship between connectedness and worthiness and shame and vulnerability. This may speak to you, or it may give you an insight into someone you care about who is struggling.



And for those who just won't want a clip, here is a handy illustration from Balanced Action.

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