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Thursday July 05 

Little thoughts can have a big impact

Cards send positivity to those in need

The Neutral Bay resident has created a range of greeting cards with statements aimed to show support for someone doing it tough, when it’s hard to know what to say.

Messages include, ‘I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’d like to help’ and ‘You are allowed to feel sad’.

Simmons, 30, was prompted to start The Little Thoughts Co by her husband Jared, 30, who has depression.

“Jared has suffered quite seriously with his mental health in the last few years. He has serious depression with suicidal ideation, and he deals with it every day,” she said.

“I’ve found people are worried about saying the wrong thing, so they don’t say anything at all. In the past friends have said to me, ‘Tell Jared we are thinking of him’, because they’re too scared to reach out to him. That can make him feel more isolated.”

Simmons said people often said the wrong thing to people living with mental illness, such as “telling them how good life is and to look at what they’ve got, or telling them to cheer up because everyone gets sad. What they really want is someone to say, ‘It’s OK to feel sad’.”

Simmons said that while her husband is currently “doing OK”, she wanted to devote herself to helping others without the same support base. “Jared has me, but it upsets me to think there are others without support,” she said.

The former high school English teacher has created 15 cards all up, printed in gold foil. She asked followers on her dog Jerry’s Instagram page — on which she often posts about mental health and has 20,000 followers — to vote on the best slogans.

She also writes a blog on her website, offering advice for people on what to say to friends going through a hard time.

“I love writing and having a voice. The blog allows me to go in to more depth, to offer support and tips for people going through this. If people only come to my website for the blog, then my job is done,” she said.

Details: littlethoughtsco.com, and


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