How our Mail Service works

In addition to our cards, I wanted to offer something extra.  A service that would take away any obstacles to getting our cards in front of the people who need to see them.
Whether you're time poor, logistically disorganised, awkward at writing cards, hate going to the post office or can't fathom handing a card to someone - don't worry! I had you in mind when I created this mail service.

How does it work?
You browse our card selection and choose the one you want to send. After filling out a few details, you have the option to include a short personal message and we do the rest. There is also the option to include a simple "I'm here for you" message inside the card if you don't know what to say.
The cards are then slipped into our envelopes and sealed with wax and twine.

I have created a custom wax seal and sourced beautiful antique white wax from Canada. This will seal your envelope. We then package this in a protective envelope, that is both padded and waterproof, to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

I really wanted this service to make the recipient feel extra special. You cannot compare this with receiving a text message or email. And it also helps you, the sender, to show your support and convey to them how much you're there for them without handing over a large sum of money or having to go out and source an appropriate gift.

This service is a flat fee of $12 globally. So whether you're sending it in Australia, or some far corner of the Earth, it doesn't matter. It's about getting the messages out to the people who need to see them, and minimising the barriers in doing so.

You can order a card to be sent via our mail service here.

Enjoy these photos of the wax seal process.


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