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We want to reshape the language of empathy. It's time we developed a more meaningful and potent language of support; one of pathos and true understanding.  We want to help you to really show those in need how much you're there for them.
You can never be too empathetic. But you can be apathetic.

Georgia Simmons, Founder of Little Thoughts Co.

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Brené Brown on vulnerability

Brené Brown on vulnerability

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Support Guide: Less 'I' More 'You'

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Reasonable Standard contribution

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Georgia Simmons joined our “RUOK?” morning tea today and was an absolute delight.  Georgia’s personal story brought an authenticity to our event which our presentation alone would never have achieved and her vulnerability and clarity of message was touching yet powerful.  I walked away encouraged and inspired by her message and I know others in the room felt very much the same.  Georgia’s check in cards are also such a lovely idea – so simple yet so powerful - and I look forward to using them with colleagues, family and friends. 

Carinne McRae, Head of HR Australiasia, Syngenta

There are so many times in life when I want to show love, compassion or encouragement but stay silent because I can't find the right words. But sending one of your cards is exactly the right way to reach out to let my loved ones know I'm always here.

Hannah, Sydney, Australia

Thank you for the gorgeous cards. They are just stunning in real life. All very special.

Anna, Sydney, Australia

Georgia, thank you for creating these beautiful cards and the wonderful support guide on your website. I'll never begin to express how your words have touched me.

Michelle, Michigan, USA

What you are doing is so important. As someone who can struggle to support others through hard times, it is so good to know that there are these cards to show love and support. I particularly like "Even though I don't understand..." Perfect! Thank you for this. 

Julia, Sydney, Australia

I love these cards. Their messages are so important and you don't find them in card shops where the cards tend to be generic. These cards will help me reach my friends who are feeling so isolated.

Gita, Utah, USA

Thank you so much for this. There's so much to say but it's so hard to put into words. Thank you so much for helping to support others support their loved ones. It means a lot to those of us suffering.

Raphaela, Sydney, Australia